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"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose"

August 16, 2012
Surgery went really great! I have started weekly Occupational Therapy to regain mobility in my fingers...Praise report, the skin is starting to heal and grow over the exposed bone showing on my left elbow!!

July 26, 2012
Today I went to burn clinic and scheduled my 30th surgery on August 9th.
The surgeon will release the skin under the 4th and 5th digits of my left hand...that's the ring and pinky finger.  A release will be a cut where my fingers have been bent downward  since the accident. Please lift me up in prayer the day of surgery @ 6am and for a speedy recovery!

I got my car and driving again on 1/20/12!  Gaining this independence has made me even more thankful for all the many blessings God has given me in this new life!
I moved into my apartment in April!  So thankful to have my own space and a place for my kids when they come to visit.  I will be starting surgeries again after the summer.
I live with my parents and care givers, Dan & Donna Ricketts, in Dallas TX. I endure daily bandage changes and therapies at home.  Three days a week I must go to Parkland Hospital for wound care and occupational therapy. I have many more surgeries ahead of me. My spirit is one that looks forward to doing anything and everything that will make me better. Knowing it's all due to our Christ who loves us so. 

Looking back and thinking about my careless decision to text and drive, I thank GOD I was alone at the time of my accident and did not injure or kill someone else. 
Help us reach others to bring awareness
the dangers of Texting while Driving.
                        TXT L8R !!!

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